Hello! I'm

Monica Moore

I’m a Product Designer currently working at Plenty of Fish in Vancouver. I graduated from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2017, which helped me develop the critical thinking skills required to solve users’ problems with a kickass user experience. I love the variety and collaboration that product design provides, with user research, work flows, visual design, usability testing, and much more.

Scroll onwards to read about some of the exciting projects I've been working on!

Top Hat Student Checkout

Redesigning the experience of students purchasing their course materials through Top Hat

Top Hat Multi-Section Management

Allowing professors to manage large multi-section courses

Top Hat Intro Courses

Transforming our most popular textbooks into full course solutions to increase adoption + retention

Top Hat Test Handback

Enabling professors to hand Top Hat Tests back to students

Top Hat Marketplace

Designing both an internal and external-facing place for professors to adopt Top Hat content

UberPool Party

An Uber feature allowing users to pick up and drop off their friends enroute